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In Summer 2009, Andy Allsopp participated in LEL: A 1400km international ultra marathon cycling event, played out between the capital cities of England and Scotland.

In early 2010, a record of his attempt was published as a paperback, now made available through Amazon UK (and US), or worldwide through LULU.

Friday, 19 March 2010

The story that almost never was...

The Challenge website lists some 'small improvements on the model line' for 2010, including a new 'Chain-idler for most models. For the race-bikes these idlers even slide with the chain-line.'

Its great to see the Dutch manufacturer continue to improve an (already great) product line, and I can't help but think its come at exactly the right time. Any later, and I'd have chewed through the current replacement. Any earlier and I might have never written barring mechanicals.

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