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In Summer 2009, Andy Allsopp participated in LEL: A 1400km international ultra marathon cycling event, played out between the capital cities of England and Scotland.

In early 2010, a record of his attempt was published as a paperback, now made available through Amazon UK (and US), or worldwide through LULU.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Just got heads up from a friend at Velovision to say there might be review of Barring Mechanicals in the next edition.

Velo Vision covers cycling as a fun and effective transport solution. Published quarterly since 2000, it’s a unique forum for new cycling ideas and innovations from around the world. Discover folding bikes which fit easily onto public transport, recumbents which go faster in comfort, family bikes to carry children safely, workbikes and trailers to haul loads for car-free living or business, adapted cycles offering true mobility for the disabled, and streamlined velomobiles for all-weather comfort. Showcasing positive examples of cycling pioneers, designers and cultures, Velo Vision is a quarterly dose of cycle inspiration.

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