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In Summer 2009, Andy Allsopp participated in LEL: A 1400km international ultra marathon cycling event, played out between the capital cities of England and Scotland.

In early 2010, a record of his attempt was published as a paperback, now made available through Amazon UK (and US), or worldwide through LULU.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Arrivée review spotted in the wild

Arrivée magazine calls Barring Mechanicals "A remarkably fresh and accurate account", going on to endorse it as "a gripping tale, told with honesty and humour."

Spotted in the month's edition, the magazine features a synopsis of the book, recommending it to readers but inadvertently revealing a few plot points. If you don't know the story, you might want to skip to full extract below.

Thanks go to LadyJulian who brought it to my eye.

"In 2008, Andy was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition and, following surgery, was told that he would not be able to ride a bicycle again.  Within days he had ordered a recumbent and was training for his first audax ride, the London-Edinburgh-London 1400km, which was to take place from 26 to 31 July 2009.
The result of his 107 hours cycling epic is a remarkably fresh and accurate account of our longest randonnee.  Andy faces, and overcomes, all the familiar trials of the long distance rider.  His wife recovers his mislaid cycling shoes but then he is on his way, and on his own, with 500 riders from 28 countries and a small army of volunteers, who are only available to help at control points.  Immediately Andy falls victim to mechanical failure, which requires endless supplies of cable ties.
The milder effects of sleeplessness kick in early on.  Severe storms and resulting hypothermia take their toll but a kindly villager with a bed and several bin liners restores our lucky rider.  Rolling home, Andy's gears refuse to change, he falls victim to a wheelsucker and finally, confused by road closures he runs the gauntlet of A10 sliproads at night.
Whether you are a seasoned randonneur or an armchair rider, it's a gripping tale, told with honesty and humour."

Arrivee is Audax UK's quarterly magazine, with over 50 pages of articles, photos, letters, news and information, available to members of Audax UK, the long distance cyclists' association.
It's published each February, May, August and November.

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